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  • Added by: mandykrish @ 18 Oct 2010 13:32
    Internet Speed Monitoring Tips
    The Internet has changed our life entirely. This new technology has become a major element which influences all that we do at work and at home. Hence we can say that our entire activity depends on the Internet speed, because according to this we can spend more or less time to accomplish what we intended to do. Since we live in a speedy century, we all are looking for a very high Internet speed, but this is not always an easy deal. Take a look at your bandwidth monitor software program and then connect to your favourite download website. Now take a look at the top speed between you and the remote computer. Keep all other connections closed whilst doing this. The top speed of data transfers, both upload and download makes up your complete bandwidth usage on this transaction. This is an accurate way of testing your bandwidth to a specific location in the world. For instance if you know which country you are connected to then you can quickly work out the speed between your computer and another computer within certain boundaries. Another aspect of bandwidth monitoring is to watch for cost! Yes a lot of users are paying per MB for bandwidth, in fact we all are in a way. Our ISP does have a cap on how much bandwidth can be used.We rarely encounter problems however if the ISP is large enough to flex the line, allowing all users to use as much as they like - to a point anyway. Check the network connection, especially the network card. If the XP computer is used to be a server ...

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